Dr. Cindy Nguyen is a Fellow and a Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and International Congress of Oral Implantologists. She has the training and specialized backgrounds that make her one of the most sought-after dentists in the country. Moreover, Dr. Nguyen has years of experience as a sedation dentist and in her hands, sedation is a truly gentle dental experience. Your search for a cosmetic dentist in Woodbridge has come to an end with your finding of Dr. Cindy Nguyen.

    Dr. Cindy Nguyen is specializing in all cosmetic dentistry procedures:
    • Dental Implants: A small metal pin placed inside the jawbone to mimic the root of a tooth.
    • Veneers: A thin shell of porcelain or plastic bonded to a tooth to improve color and shape.
    • Bonding: Closes spaces between teeth, lengthens small or misshapen teeth, or whitens stained or dark teeth.
    • White Fillings: Porcelain and composite resin are attractive, durable, and natural-looking.
    • All-Porcelain crowns and bridges: Breakthroughs in adhesives and stronger porcelain materials.
    • Sedation: A popular dental solution if you are filled with fear when you think about visiting the dentist.

We set the standard for cosmetic dentistry in Northern Virginia. with Dr. Cindy Nguyen located in Woodbridge, you'll enjoy the benefits of our outstanding service and dedication to patients. Our cosmetic dentist facilities in Woodbridge are state of the art, equipped with the latest computerized imaging systems, and laser technology. By joining our cosmetic dentist's family of patients, you're getting more than the top talent and technology; you’ll have a dentist you can count on. We'd be delighted to help you navigate the challenges of finding the perfect cosmetic dentist for your needs.

When you're searching for a cosmetic dentist in Woodbridge, your criteria should be based on more than just proximity. For example, you can extend your search outside the immediate Woodbridge area without causing inconvenience in travel. However, remember that your primary goal should be to find the cosmetic dentist who can provide the care you need. Look no further than our Woodbridge cosmetic dentist, Dr. Nguyen, for compassionate, professional care.

Sedation Dentistry

  • Your well-being is our priority. To make your visit comfortable, anxiety-free and painless, we offer two types of safe conscious sedation methods:
    • Nitrous oxide ("laughing gas")
    • Oral sedation
Conscious sedation will put you at ease so you experience little to no discomfort. At this point in, you'll be so relaxed (either sleeping or sleepy) that you'll hardly even notice. During conscious sedation, you will be able to breathe on your own and to respond to questions. In some cases, you will not be able to recall the appointment.

Throughout the procedure, your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure will be closely monitored. Patients generally recover quickly, although they may feel slightly groggy immediately afterwards. Conscious sedation is extremely safe when delivered by a specially trained dentist.

Two appointments are usually required. During your first visit, Dr. Cindy Nguyen will describe the benefits and risks of conscious sedation, patiently answer all of your questions and give you detailed instructions for the day of your procedure.

On the day of your procedure, you will need to have another adult with you to take you home. You should not perform strenuous activities such as driving a motor vehicle for the rest of the day. Do not take any medications prior to or following surgery unless your dentist has approved their safety.

If you are reluctant to change the appearance of your smile because you are afraid or anxious about undergoing long or complicated dental procedures, conscious sedation dentistry may help. Feeling comfortable during treatment process through the use of conscious sedation dentistry can allow you to achieve the smile you want.

About Us

Smile Dental Care provides you with a relaxing dental experience. Immerse yourself in comfort with some of the small extras we have available to you.

Patients should feel pampered throughout the entire dental experience. That's why we have invested in amenities that make your visit more comfortable.

When visiting, you will experience our serene spa-like environment. Each treatment room has a TV with an array of DVD's for your entertainment during your treatment. We also have extensive educational materials as well as pillows and blankets for your comfort.

Our professional, gentle and caring staff help you to have a great dentistry experience!

At Smile Dental Care, looking out for the dental health of your family is a both a privilege and an opportunity.

For the child patients in our care, we know that developing positive attitudes and habits starts with trust, patience and understanding. Digital x-rays allow parents, children and staff to see what is not clinically visible. Images appear instantly on-screen enhancing our diagnostic capabilities. Fluoride and sealants protect teeth, restorative materials are bonded to tooth structure and dental/facial growth patterns are monitored for optimal outcomes as your child grows to maturity.

Our ultra-modern surroundings and a children's activity centre, as well as the interactive care of our dental professionals make for the perfect formula for an exceptional dental experience for the whole family.

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